Straight To Varkala

We arrived on the train in Varkala. It was very funny because we thought that we were going to Trivandrum and change train and go to Varkala. A man told us that we could go straight to Varkala but the ticket man said we couldn’t go straight to Varkala. Finally we arrived in Trivandrum, we asked a shop man if we could go straight to Varkala he said yes so.. Read More

Temple, Sugar, Train

Early in the morning we went to the temple. On the way back from the temple I had sugar cane juice. We were in the hotel all day and at 23.00 we went on a sleeper train. We got there at 8.45am from Madurai to Varkala. I slept about 5 hours.

Elephant’s Nostrils

We went on a long bus ride from Kumily in Kerala to Madurai in Tamil Nadu. There was a temple where I dropped a 1 rupee coin into one of the Elephant’s nostrils, then he put his trunk on my head and gave the 1 rupee coin to a person next to him.

Heavy Rain

All we did was go to a flower show and it was boring! Lucky there’s a TV!!


It was raining and there were loads of power cuts. We went to a martial arts show named Kalaripayiattu. Kalaripayiattu Fire Video Kalaripayiattu Sword Video

Boring Boat Boulder

Periyar Kumily means bubbles! Today I went on a boat ride which was boring.

On Our Way To Kumily

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Temple TV

When we went to have breakfast (next to the tank) I spotted a white bodied, black legged, orange footed bird! Then on crowded train to Kottayam. In our room we had TV and I watched a Siva Temple. Funny that because we went to the Siva Temple just before in Ettanemur, a noisy bus ride away. We also watched Tom and Jerry, Tennis and Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants.

We saw…

An orange fish, green and blue fish! Fruit bats! On the tree!

Animal City

I’ve seen a lizard, a sea eagle, fish, dolphins, a banana skin with 2 bananas in it and a yin-yang shaped cloud.

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