the Bowl

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Here Kitty And Kitty

. Muddy and Dusty are only sixteen weeks old and we have had them for six of these weeks. They have a lot of nicknames: QWERTY Kittys (they like to snuggle up next to the keyboard) ; Fluffy Brothers (they are fluffy and are brothers) ; Fluffy Purr Machines (they are fluffy and purr) ; Mud; Dust; Mudle and Dustle. There so cuddly I could cuddle them all day! Despite.. Read More

Valentines Reunion

Today Mum, Mark & I went to a school reunion at our friend, Amy Meadows’s parents’ House. There were about thirty people there, nine of my mum’s school friends; nine husbands and twelve children (including me). Although the oldest child (apart from me) was about six or seven, I had quite a lot of fun with them, playing hide and seek. For dinner everyone brought a dish of somesort so.. Read More

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