Gifted For Maths

I was chosen for a ”Gifted For Maths” club at school. About 20 children of all ages were chosen. It is the 2nd ”Gifted For something” club I have been chosen for.

Gifted For Science

I was lucky enough to be chosen for a ”Gifted For Science” club. Science is my fave subject! Because I was in the top 3 of my class,We (me & a group of year 5’s) did a special ”Science Project” with all the people in the school who are gifted at science, we did a crystal growing task and making a stable structure building task using spaghetti & marshmallows!


Check out my multi-coloured artwork!

River Thames Picnic

Today me, Mum & Mark walked from our house at Regents Park to the River Thames. On the way we stopped at lots of shops, including one of the most famous superhero shops in the world. It not only had superheros, but also fantasy movie themes, TV characters, aliens and games. We walked down through Covent Garden. When we got to the river, we sat in a beautiful park.. Read More

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Its called ‘At Worlds End’ and I saw it today with Dad at Dorking Halls Cinema. My Dad’s favourite was Number 1, but he thought the 3rd was better than the 2nd. I thought the 3rd was the best, closely followed by the 1st & last the 2nd. Pirates of the Caribbean – The Official Website

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