The Magic Slide
By Ananda Greentree

Once upon a time there was a house on a little road, and in that house a little boy lived with his Mum. The boy’s name was Freddie, and he was 9 years old.

One day Freddie asked his mum if he could go out to the park. His mum said “yes, as long as you come home by 6 o’clock,” and Freddie said “YIPPEE!”

Freddie got his bike out of the shed and set off to the park. He rode his bike down the little road and crossed the road then he rode his bike down the next road. He had arrived at the park, so he locked his bike up on the fence.

Then he walked into the park gates and looked around. He wondered what he should go on. Then he decided that he would go on the slide. The slide had a curly-whirly ladder going up to the clouds. He climbed up the ladder, and when he was at the top he saw a little red bit of the slide sticking up from another cloud. He jumped over, onto that cloud, and decided to put his bum on the red slide. As soon as he had, he went WHOOSHING down the slide and it was really fun.
As soon as he got to the ground he carried on into a magic tunnel. It lead to another land which was magic. In that land was a very, very, very big castle. Then he walked up to the castle. He saw that the key was in the door. He wanted to guess who lived there. Freddie guessed that it was a king’s castle.

Then he decided to go inside. As soon as he got inside he realised that it was a king’s castle because there was a throne which was empty. The king was out having a sunbathe at the beach. Then Freddie saw a map which lead to the beach. He wanted to go and see the king. So he picked up the map and looked at it. On the map it showed that you had to go out of the castle, and press the button on the side of the castle. One second after he pressed the button, he ended up at the beach.

Freddie saw the king sunbathing. The king was having a lovely time, so was Freddie. Then the king asked Freddie where he came from. And Freddie said that he came from the magic slide. The king said to Freddie that he had always wanted to go up that slide. He kept trying to climb up but he never quite could get to the top. Then the king asked, “What’s up there?” And Freddie said “A park is up there.”
Suddenly Freddie looked at his watch and he saw that it was nearly 6 o’clock. So Freddie said to the king that he had better be going. Then the king said “WAIT! Can I come with you?” And Freddie said “Yes, COME ON!

Then Freddie asked the king how to get back to the castle. The king said that if the king and Freddie hold hands, and one of them presses a magic button on the necklace the king had on, then they would go back to the castle. So they held hands, Freddie pressed the magic button, and they went back to the castle. Then Freddie climbed up the slide with the king holding onto his foot. They ended up in the playground. Freddie went home with his bike and the king, but Freddie rode his bike a bit slower because the king was running behind him and Freddie was leading the way. When they were home, Freddie’s mum said the king could live there.